Equipment, Training and Permits

A home or business that has been contaminated by blood, animal waste, or a decomposing body must be properly and completely sanitized before it can be deemed habitable. Crime scene cleanup, human waste cleanup, and other extreme cleaning requires specific equipment, training, and certifications an average individual or general cleaning company does not possess, but Southern Bio Recovery, Inc. does.


Cleaning Equipment

Southern Bio Recovery will arrive at your home or place of business with all of the tools necessary to begin work right away. Our advanced sanitation equipment and EPA-registered, hospital-grade disinfectant solutions allow us to leave client sites with complete confidence that all biohazards have been removed.

We use a high pressure steamer to thoroughly clean every surface. This machine allows us to remove blood and body fluids from grout, flooring, and other hard surfaces that harbor bacteria. The steamer often allows clients to salvage items that would otherwise need to be removed from the scene permanently.

We use a low-volume fogger to ensure that pathogen-killing disinfectants reach every crack and crevice. Fogging ensures complete application of disinfectants in hard-to-reach areas like air conditioning ducts, ceiling cavities, and under-floor spaces.

Our hydroxyl generator safely and effectively eliminates odors. This eco-friendly technology destroys the organic molecules that create odor without the toxic effects alternative technologies like ozone generators create.

Safety Equipment

Cleaning extreme situations requires the use of personal protective equipment including a bloodborne pathogen-rated suit, a respirator, gloves, and booties. Knee pads and leather gloves are also used if cleaners may come into contact with sharps like drug needles. This specialized gear protects cleaners from exposure to bloodborne diseases like HIV and hepatitis, dangerous chemicals, and infection from waste products. Southern Bio Recovery outfits all of its workers with the protective equipment necessary to keep them safe while cleaning.


Each of our staff members is certified to provide service in the states in which we operate. Our staff are trained to understand the complexities of biohazard cleaning and to use our sanitation equipment to remove all bio-hazardous materials from your property. They are meticulous in their work and dedicated to restoring your home or business to its pre-incident condition.


Southern Bio Recovery complies with all necessary governmental regulations for thorough cleaning, transport, and disposal of biological agents including:

  • OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Standards for removing biohazards and ensuring safety while doing so
  • Department of Transportation guidelines for the proper transport of hazardous materials
  • Environmental Protection Division Permit-by-Rule for the safe application of disinfectant and the appropriate transport and disposal of hazardous waste
  • Environmental Protection Agency Lead Certification for the ability to identify lead paint and clean it without causing additional contamination


Southern Bio Recovery carries liability, workers compensation, environmental pollution, and commercial auto insurance to protect our employees and our clients from being held liable in the event of an on-the-job accident. We are also fully bonded.