Insurance and Costs

Southern Bio Recovery Inc.’s experience with the insurance industry allows us to guide you through the claims process while we clean your property so you can get things back in order quickly and without additional stress. We provide a free, no-obligation cost estimate and individualized remediation plan upon arrival at the cleaning site so you will have a preliminary understanding of the financial obligation before work begins.

In most cases, insurance (home, business, and auto) will reimburse you or pay us directly for our cleaning and remediation services. We will work directly with you and your insurance company to understand the coverage your policy provides and file the claims necessary to generate reimbursements. Additionally, we will take and submit to the insurance company photos of the scene before, during, and after the cleanup process. Photos are never shared outside of insurance purposes.

Please Note: If you are the victim of a crime, Southern Bio Recovery, Inc. will perform all crime scene cleanup and remediation services without requiring payment at the time of service. We will then help you file the appropriate insurance claims or request reimbursement from your state’s victim’s assistance program in the event you do not have insurance.

Our Cost Structure

We understand the difficult situation you are facing and will do everything we can to minimize your financial burden. Two primary factors determine the cost of our services:

  1. The labor necessary to address the situation including the number of technicians needed and the amount of time required to clean the scene thoroughly.
  2. The amount of medical waste present at the scene and whether we are required to dispose of it using an autoclave or using an incinerator.

Southern Bio Recovery, Inc. carries liability, workers compensation, environmental pollution, and commercial auto insurance to protect our employees and our clients from being held liable in the event of an on-the-job accident. We are also fully bonded.