What is a biohazard?

A biohazard, also known as a biological hazard, is a biological substance that poses a threat to human and animal health.

Examples of biohazards include:

  • Human or animal blood
  • Human or animal waste and body fluids
  • Deceased animals
  • Human remains
  • Used drug needles
  • Medical waste (used syringes and bandages)
  • Rotting food

All of these substances can harbor bacteria (like E. Coli) and viruses (like Hepatitis and HIV) that can cause disease in humans and animals.
Biohazards may enter the body and cause damage if they are inhaled through breathing, ingested through swallowing, or absorbed through breaks in the skin.

It is critically important to exercise proper safety precautions when removing biohazards. Additionally, complete removal of biohazards and the odors they create requires the use of advanced sanitizing equipment beyond the typical cleaning tools average individuals possess.

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