What Sets Us Apart, Why Choose SBR?

While there are a number of qualities that make Southern Bio Recovery, Inc. a leader in the biohazard remediation industry, six key assets set us apart from the competition.

1) We are a Dedicated, Certified Biohazard Remediation Company

Unlike general cleaning companies that may offer biohazard cleaning services, Southern Bio Recovery, Inc. is 100% dedicated, trained, and equipped to remove blood, human or animal waste, and excessive filth from homes and businesses. The crime scene cleanup, trauma scene cleanup and human waste cleanup work we handle goes far beyond the cosmetic. We ensure all sites are free of the biological fluids that harbor diseases like HIV and hepatitis.

Our advanced sanitation equipment and effective, hospital-grade disinfectant solutions allow us to leave client sites with complete confidence that all biohazards have been removed. Each of our staff members has completed comprehensive training and is certified to provide service in the states in which we operate. Additionally, Southern Bio Recovery complies with all necessary governmental regulations for thorough cleaning, transport, and disposal of biological agents.

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2) Our 24/7 Availability

The team at Southern Bio Recovery is on call to respond to your needs day and night, weekdays and weekends, every day of the year. We will arrive at your home or place of business in the southeast U.S. ready to work within hours of receiving your call. Upon arrival, our team will evaluate the situation and provide a no-obligation cost estimate and individualized remediation plan.

Additionally, our technicians are trained to restore your home or business in a timely manner. We understand the extreme nature of your situation and the need to work quickly and thoroughly.

3) Our Knowledge of the Insurance Industry

Brandon Ridley, founder of Southern Bio Recovery, worked in the insurance industry as a claims supervisor for five years prior to starting the biohazard cleaning company. Brandon or a trained member of his team will guide you through the entire claims process, set up your claim with the insurance company, and meet with the adjuster to discuss the necessary repair work.

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4) Our Relationship with Law Enforcement

Our relationships with the local, state, and federal authorities allow our teams to begin work on a crime scene or trauma scene immediately after police have completed their investigation. Additionally, our teams understand the proper way to handle potentially important items that might be discovered during crime scene cleanup.

5) Respect for Your Privacy

Our cleaning teams drive unmarked, discreet vehicles that won’t alert your neighbors. Our technicians are mindful of the way they move in and out of your home or business. Additionally, we never post pictures of any job on our website, on social media, or in marketing materials.

6) Our Professionalism and Compassion

Our employees have responded to numerous difficult scenes and understand the emotional component that accompanies them. They will treat you, your home, and your business with the utmost professionalism and compassion. Additionally, you can rest assured that our associates have passed drug screens and background checks.