Crime Scene Cleanup

If you are the first person on the scene after a homicide, mass fatality, armed robbery, or other violent crime, call 911 immediately and wait outside for police to arrive. Do not disturb anything in the area or attempt to search the home, business, or vehicle.

Dealing with the aftermath of a crime that occurs in your home, vehicle, or place of business is overwhelming, stressful, and something you should not have to handle on your own. After you have contacted the police to secure the area and tend to the wounded, you’ll need Southern Bio Recovery Inc.’s crime scene cleanup services to remove all biohazards and restore your property to its pre-incident state.

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Biohazards are usually obvious in a homicide scene, but even in a burglary criminals can leave behind blood from cut glass or splintered wood. Blood cleanup involves more than just getting rid of stains, because blood carries pathogens that can cause diseases such as hepatitis and HIV. Vandals may also intentionally use body fluids to damage property, leaving behind harmful pathogens as well.

Completely removing blood and body fluids requires special equipment and training to ensure no harmful substances remain. Southern Bio Recovery, Inc. will remove all biohazards from your property so that friends, family, and employees are not concerned about health risks from bloodborne pathogens.

Advanced Equipment

Individuals, apartment managers, and even general cleaning companies are not equipped to handle the unique cleaning needs following a violent crime. Our trained technicians use the most advanced equipment and hospital-grade disinfecting solutions to remove any trace of blood, body fluids, and bone fragments, as well as harmful chemicals police may have used during their investigation.

Once authorities have released the scene, we use a steam injection machine to thoroughly clean every surface, a low-volume fogger to apply EPA-registered disinfectants, and a hydroxyl generator to remove odors. When we have completed our work, you can rest assured that your property is safe, sanitary, and habitable for your family, friends, and employees.

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Specialized Training

Our teams are trained and certified to provide the specialized cleaning attention a violent crime scene requires. Thorough blood cleanup, for example, requires knowing that surface stains can often be deceiving. What appears to be a two-inch blood stain on a carpet could well be a two-foot stain below the surface, with blood seeping into the padding and possibly even into the flooring and sub-flooring beyond.

Our technicians also know how to handle items they discover during crime scene cleanup that may be helpful to police. Finally, our staff understands the need to maintain our clients’ privacy and treat them with compassion during this very difficult time.

Pay after Cleanup is Complete

If you are the victim of a crime, Southern Bio Recovery, Inc. will perform all crime scene cleanup and remediation without requiring payment at the time of service. We will then help you file the appropriate insurance claims or request reimbursement from your state’s victim’s assistance board in the event you do not have insurance.


Following years of experience, we are well versed in working with insurance companies and will do everything we can minimize financial stress during this time.

Additionally, we can refer you to trusted counselors and connect you with general contractors who can assist with rebuilding your life emotionally and physically. We will help you throughout the entire process during this difficult time.

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