Decomposing Body Cleanup

If you discover a deceased body, call 911 immediately and do not disturb the body or surroundings — even if the passing appears to have been peaceful. Wait outside the area for police to arrive.

Discovering the deceased body of a friend, neighbor, or loved one is a traumatic and emotional event no one should have to experience. Unfortunately, however, it does happen.

Once the coroner, medical examiner, or funeral home has removed the body, Southern Bio Recovery, Inc. can disinfect the area so it is again sanitary and habitable.

Because of the speed at which the body decomposes and the dangerous effects the decomposition can have on your home or place of business, it is important to have the body removed and the area decontaminated immediately upon discovery.

As the body decays, bodily fluids leave the human remains and seep into furniture, carpet, flooring, and even sub-flooring. According to OSHA standards, each of these affected items must be removed to prevent the spread of disease.

The team at Southern Bio Recovery, Inc. will remove all affected items and then use advanced cleaning equipment and hospital-grade disinfectants to thoroughly clean all surfaces and remove any lingering odors. We will also ensure that the space is free from any pathogen-carrying insects that may have been in or around the body.

When our work is complete you will feel confident that the area is safe for you and your loved ones to use once again.

Please contact us today to restore your home or business. Our staff can even help you negotiate with your insurance company so that we can begin cleanup work right away.