Distressed Property Cleanup

A well-maintained home can often sell itself. Conversely, a distressed property that has been damaged by a natural disaster, abandoned, poorly maintained, or inhabited by squatters is nearly impossible to sell for a decent price without significant cleaning and restoration.

Fortunately, even a structure in the most desperate condition can be turned in to a buyer’s dream with help from a company that specializes in distressed property cleanup.

Foreclosed or abandoned properties often contain hazards including abandoned pets and pet waste, nuisance wildlife, unsafe gas or electrical lines, and rotten food. Our staff often must clean up human feces and drug needles squatters leave behind. Please do not attempt to clean a distressed property on your own. Thorough abandoned property or foreclosure cleanup requires professional safety and cleaning equipment.

Southern Bio Recovery, Inc. will remove all debris and unsalvageable items from the structure’s interior before using industrial cleaning equipment and hospital-grade disinfectants to sanitize the property. Our teams will even groom the surrounding yard to enhance the property’s curb appeal. When our work is done, the property won’t just look and smell clean, it will be free from biohazards and safe for habitation.

Southern Bio Recovery can help bank or financial institutions prepare foreclosed and abandoned properties in the southeast for quick and profitable sales. Contact us today to discuss the properties on your list.