Industrial Accident Cleanup

If you are the first person to arrive on the scene after an industrial accident, call 911 immediately and alert your supervisor or management. Move away from the accident scene and wait for police to arrive. For your own safety, do not disturb anything in the area.

Each year, millions of workers in the U.S. are injured while on the job. Thousands of these injuries result in death.

Common industrial accidents include:

  • Falls from an elevated area
  • Electrocutions
  • Trench cave-ins
  • Machinery-related injuries
  • Falling objects
  • Asphyxiation
  • Fires or explosions
  • Drownings

Despite significant improvements in safety conditions over the past several years, accidents do happen. And when they do, they often require specialized cleaning to rid the area of all bio-hazardous material so it is once again safe for employees to work.

Southern Bio Recovery, Inc. employs trained technicians who are certified to sanitize accident sites throughout the southeast U.S. We use advanced equipment and hospital-grade cleaning solutions to rid your property of biohazard risks associated with an industrial accident. Household cleaning products are not sufficient to ensure the safety of your employees. Additionally, employers may not require employees to clean biohazards unless they follow federal regulations. Employers who violate these regulations are subject to fines up to $70,000.

Once public safety authorities have released the scene, Southern Bio Recovery will restore your business to its pre-accident state while you spend time comforting employees and their families. Since our business has obtained all of the necessary permits, you will not need to worry about the possibility of violating any laws or placing your employees at risk during cleanup. Our technicians arrive with full protective gear and provide all equipment necessary to begin work as quickly as possible.

Southern Bio Recovery can also work with your insurance company to understand the coverage your company’s policy provides and file the claims necessary to generate reimbursements.

Read more about our experience working with insurance agencies.

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