Odor Removal

Foul odors can linger in fabrics, carpets, floors, and walls, making it difficult to live or work comfortably in an affected space. Additionally, since an odor is likely the symptom of a bigger problem, living or working in a space affected by a foul odor can pose serious health risks.

The technicians at Southern Bio Recovery, Inc. are trained to identify the source of odors (which is not always obvious), remove the source and the odor from your property, and sanitize your property so it is once again safe and habitable.

Effectively removing an odor and its source requires appropriate safety equipment and advanced cleaning equipment beyond what the average person possesses. Please do not attempt to remove a dangerous odor source on your own. Our technicians wear protective clothing to avoid contamination and infection from dangerous odor sources like decomposing animals, decomposing bodies, spoiled food, or feces.

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Additionally, our state-of-the-art cleaning equipment eliminates odors in a way no household spray or cleaner can. Specifically, our hydroxyl generator, literally destroys the organic molecules that create odor.

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Since odor sources are often hidden, our technicians arrive on the scene with the tools necessary to remove furniture, carpet, and even subflooring. Once the odor and odor source have been removed, we will repair any structures we had to disrupt and leave your property fully restored and odor free. What’s more, because we remove the odor source rather than masking the resulting odor, your home or business won’t just smell clean; it will be free from biohazards and safe for family, friends and business associates.

Failed Freezer or Refrigerator Cleanup

Some of the most common odor-related calls we get are related to failed freezers or refrigerators. A failed freezer or refrigerator that was not emptied and cleaned immediately can become a biohazard as food breaks down and odors seep into the machine’s plastic. The smell can be overwhelming and spread throughout your entire home or business.

Southern Bio-Recovery, Inc. can sanitize your failed freezer or refrigerator to remove all odors and make it safe to once again store your food. Our high pressure steamer kills disease-harboring bacteria that spoiled food produces and breaks down the molecules that cause odor.

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