Police Vehicle and Holding Facility Cleanup

Southern Bio Recovery, Inc. is honored to serve law enforcement personnel in communities across the southeast by providing professional bio-hazard cleanup and decontamination services for their police vehicles and holding cell facilities.

Police Squad Car Cleanup

Police cars take a lot of abuse from passengers, whether intentional or not. Occupants often leave behind vomit, feces, urine, blood, and other body fluids which can carry pathogens that cause disease. If these substances aren’t removed quickly and thoroughly, officers and future passengers are at risk from exposure to Hepatitis A, B, and C, E. coli, and even HIV.

To restore a squad car or other police vehicle to a clean, safe condition, our skilled technicians remove all organic matter and scrub each surface with a hospital-grade cleaning solution. They’ll then use a chemical indicator to reveal where pathogens are still present, and apply disinfectant to kill any traces of bio-residue that remain. Once the vehicle has been restored we’ll place a sticker on it showing the date of service, and give you an air freshener to keep it smelling clean.

Because we know that keeping your squad cars on the road is just as important as keeping them clean, our technicians are available 24/7 and work quickly to minimize down time. Southern Bio Recovery also offers law enforcement agencies discounted rates as low as $179 per cleaning, depending on the extent of services required.

Jail Cell and Holding Facility Cleanup

Germs congregate in areas where large numbers of people gather. Jail cells are especially vulnerable to cross-contamination, because a holding facility’s population is constantly changing.

You probably know that urine, blood, vomit, feces, seminal fluid, and other bio-matter are typically found on common surfaces in a holding cell. What you may not know is that using inmate labor to keep your holding areas clean puts both you and them at risk.

Organic matter found in body fluids and tissues contain pathogens that transmit diseases. Exposure to viral Hepatitis and HIV are commonly-known threats, but the CDC advises that Tuberculosis now poses a danger as well.

Improper cleaning and decontamination methods leave inmates, officers, and others vulnerable to exposure. Facility management can be held liable for this exposure risk, whether or not someone gets sick, if cleaning practices and procedures don’t meet required OSHA regulations.

Southern Bio Recovery Inc. can help you reduce liability and eliminate unnecessary risk with our holding facility cleanup service.

We start by cleaning surfaces with the Kaivac No-Touch® Cleaning System. Using an indoor pressure washer and hospital-grade cleaning solutions, technicians dislodge organic material and dirt in areas mops and brushes can’t reach. Surfaces are then rinsed, and both water and waste are vacuumed away.

Once surfaces are clean, we use a ByoPlanet® electrostatic fogger to apply disinfectant to the entire area. This state-of-the-art equipment electronically charges the disinfecting solution as it sprays, allowing the atomized particles to completely cover all sides of a surface. The technology enables the solution to reach spaces other sprayers can’t, which kills more harmful pathogens and significantly reduces the threat of cross-contamination.

Our technicians are specifically trained to follow OSHA protocols, so using our service allows you to remain compliant with OSHA regulations.

We know that cost is always a factor when your facility runs on a tight budget. That’s why we offer our holding facility cleanup service at a low hourly rate that is available only to the law enforcement community. Our technicians are also available 24/7, so we can customize a schedule that works around yours.

Call us at 1-888-900-2624 to set up an appointment. Once we visit your facility, we can customize a service plan and give you an estimate that’s based on square footage and your downtime requirements.