Roadway Accident and Vehicle Cleanup

The risk from biohazards is not limited to those found in homes and businesses. Vehicles and public roads can become health risks if bio-matter is not properly removed.

Roadway Accident Cleanup

Following a vehicular accident, any bio-matter on a roadway, sidewalk, or bridge must be removed completely to ensure the safety of the community.

In the past, the public relied on fire department wash-downs to clean outdoor surfaces following auto accidents. However, calls for professional biohazard cleaning began to increase as more county, city, and town administrators understood the harm biohazards can cause when they seep into the groundwater system.

Southern Bio Recovery, Inc. uses specialized equipment to sanitize roadways in the southeast U.S. after a traffic accident. Our EPA-registered disinfectants effectively cleanse affected surfaces without posing toxic health risks to the public.

Vehicle Cleanup

Traffic accidents that cause injuries to passengers can embed blood, tissue, and other bio-hazardous materials in vehicle seats, flooring, and even air vents. Vomit from sick car or bus passengers can create unpleasant lingering odors. Finally, tragic situations like homicides and suicides that take place inside vehicles render them unsafe for use until biohazards are removed.

Please do not attempt to clean bio-hazardous material from a vehicle on your own. The technicians at Southern Bio Recovery will travel to the location of your vehicle with personal protective wear and advanced sanitation equipment to safely and effectively rid your vehicle of any dangerous biohazards. We can also contact your auto insurer to file the claims necessary to generate reimbursements.

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