Why shouldn’t I handle biohazard cleanup on my own?

While we understand why you may want to clean your home or business on your own following a tragic or extreme event, there are several reasons why this is not advisable. The following article explains why individuals and businesses should contact a professional biohazard remediation company to handle trauma scene cleanup, crime scene cleanup, hoarder cleanup, and other dangerous scenarios.

Personal Situations

Proper and complete removal of a biohazard from your home or vehicle requires knowledge and equipment beyond what is necessary for typical home cleaning. For the following reasons, you should contact a biohazard cleanup company when dealing with scenarios involving blood, human and animal waste, or extreme filth as found in a hoarding situation.

  1. Safety Equipment – First and foremost, cleaning extreme situations requires the use of personal safety wear to protect cleaners from exposure to bloodborne diseases like HIV and hepatitis, dangerous chemicals, and infection from cleaning up human feces. The average person does not possess this type of personal protective equipment.
  2. Cleaning Equipment – Thorough cleaning of locations affected by biological hazards calls for specialized equipment and cleaning solutions. Certified bio-remediation companies like Southern Bio Recovery, Inc. use advanced sanitation equipment and effective, EPA-registered disinfectant solutions to leave client sites free of biohazards. Our staff are trained to use this equipment to remove all hazardous materials from your home – many of which you can’t even see.
  3. Disposal – Objects that have come in to contact with human or animal blood or waste including needles, carpets, mattresses, and clothing should be disposed of properly so they do not pose a health threat to the public. Some materials can be handled with a simple medical waste box while others require the use of an autoclave or incinerator. Southern Bio Recovery has obtained the permits required to transport and dispose of biohazard waste appropriately.
  4. Insurance and Cost – The services certified bio-remediation companies provide are typically covered by standard home, auto, or business insurance policies. Additionally, an upstanding company will hold comprehensive insurance to protect its employees from accidents that occur on the job.
  5. Ability to handle difficult scenes – The work involved in cleaning up after a crime or trauma is mentally, physically, and emotionally difficult for those connected to the victim to handle. Family and friends often find it extremely painful to see a loved one’s remains. Our team members have experience working in this taxing environment.
  6. Peace of mind – Use of a professional biohazard cleanup company will leave you with complete assurance that your family and friends are safe from any harm posed by the biological hazards once present in your home or vehicle.

Business Situations

In addition to the reasons outlined above, federal regulation 29CFR1910.1030 states that no employer shall expose an employee to a blood spill or potentially infectious material without first:

  1. Providing bloodborne pathogen (BBP) training
  2. Having a written BBP exposure control plan
  3. Providing personal protective equipment (PPE)
  4. Offering a Hepatitis B vaccine, exposure evaluation, and follow-up
  5. Providing a proper method to remove, contain, and dispose of the bio-hazardous waste

Only after these five criteria have been met can an employer require his or her employee to perform biohazard cleanup.
Non-compliance with this federal regulation may result in OSHA fines ranging from $7,000 – $70,000.
More importantly, failing to comply with these regulations puts your employees, yourself, and your customers at risk.
You may review the complete list of standards for businesses dealing with potentially infectious materials here.
Bottom line: Whether it’s your home or business that requires cleaning following a crime or trauma, this is a job for professionals.

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