Biohazard Cleanup Claim and Invoice Review

Biohazard cleanup invoice review

Southern Bio-Recovery, Inc. offers claim and invoice review for insurance companies, private parties, and commercial entities.  As experts in the field of bio-recovery, crime and trauma scene decontamination (CTS Decon), crime scene cleanup, blood cleanup or otherwise defined post forensic cleanup, Southern Bio-Recovery, Inc. has the industry knowledge to provide qualified peer reviews.

After almost 10 years as a leader and trendsetter in the industry, Southern Bio-Recovery, Inc. possesses the knowledge to review peer invoices and claims to determine credibility.   We can provide education and documentation to substantiate claims submitted to insurance companies, private parties and commercial industries.   We review the background of a company to determine the validity of claims.  Our report documents the company’s qualifications to complete these meticulous projects, their registrations with the correct state, local authorities, and any Better Business Bureau complaints. We review each line item in the claim or invoice on its merits and document if the pricing is within normal range of industry standards.

On average most reviews can be completed within three business days to expedite the claim processing time.

Request a Claim or Invoice Review

To request a review simply contact Southern Bio-Recovery, Inc. via email: or give us a call at 404-952-3228.  We will need the following in order to complete a claim review:

-Any and all photo documentation

-Invoices submitted

-Any narratives documenting the completed work

-Work authorizations

-Bio hazard waste manifest (if available)

We look forward to helping your company pay what is reasonable and customary when encountering these difficult to navigate claims.

Don’t let your company be taken advantage of by spending thousands of dollars for project costs that are out of scope and unreasonable.

Let Southern Bio-Recovery, Inc. help document what should be paid!