Company Story

How did the business get started? That is probably one of the most popular questions we get asked. So this is our story.

Well it sort of just fell in my lap. I went to University of Georgia and graduated with a marketing degree. I was looking for a job to keep me out from behind an office desk. I wanted to deal directly with customers. So I started out in auto insurance as a claims adjuster. After a while I moved to Salt Lake City and worked with another company.

When I moved back to Atlanta my company didn’t have any positions in their auto property damage. So I went to a special division of homeowner’s property damage. I should have never been given this job. I had never been an adjuster, never written an estimate for a roof or hail damage or fire, but I got thrown right in as a supervisor. For a solid year I struggled. I worked with a difficult supervisor in his office and I was right in the line of fire. So that year I started looking for different positions.

During my time there I had experienced a couple of trauma claims. We were contacted, and had to set up claims, for a family whose member had committed suicide. After the cleanup, my company was called in to assess the damage and write an estimate on putting the house back together. I met with the family and walked them through the process. It was at that time that I learned there was a special need, and special type of demeanor needed to handle people who have been through a trauma. I realized that I was pretty good at doing this and I enjoyed being able to speak to this people.

From there I went and got certified to be a Bio-Recovery Technician. I did this at a well-established place with my, now, mentor Kent Burg. An American Bio-Recovery Association approved class up in Greenville/Easley SC. You learn everything you need to do to be a safe technician and adhere to OSHA regulations. By the time I was done with that class I was on fire. I knew this was something I wanted to do.

So I came back home and put in my two weeks’ notice. The coming years were a difficult time. But we pushed forward and kept doing the things that really lead to our success. That is to operate a company with integrity and compassion.

My biggest thing to tell you is that if you have a dream, that you can do it. If we didn’t have a job that would make me happy. If we weren’t getting calls that would mean that these types of traumas wouldn’t be occurring. But unfortunately these things do occur. And when they do, you want someone that knows what they are doing, someone that has a trained, compassionate staff and that has all your insurance in place. We can take care of you from beginning to end. So if you need someone in the time of an emergency, don’t forget to give us a call.

Thank you for taking the time to check us out. Southern-Bio Recovery 404-952-3228.