Employee Spotlight – Judy Tolbert

Hey there this is Brandon Ridley with Southern Bio-Recovery. We are coming to you with our next part in our video series. We are going to do an Employee Spotlight today. And viewers you guy are going to be blessed to meet our Bookkeeper, and she keeps us all straight. This is Judy Tolbert. So we are going to interview Judy, get some information on her, provide that to you guys, and let you all know what she does for us.

Judy what do you do for Southern Bio-Recovery, Inc.?

I keep the books for this wonderful guy. He was lucky enough back in December of 2013 to need someone to keep his books because his business was growing. And they were a mess. Yes they were. It took me six months, probably, to get it straighten out. (laughs) No, not really! So I keep the books and I’m the mama to most of them around here because I’m certainly older than any of the techs or of course Brandon. And I cook for them sometimes. Yes we are definitely blessed with Mrs. Judy’s wonderful cooking. She makes pound-cakes and all kinds of desserts and that kind of stuff and keeps us all fed and happy around here. Thank you. She also makes sure that everybody gets their paychecks on time every Friday, so that’s kind of a big deal. Everybody comes in, typically, on Monday mornings, we fill out our timesheets, and everybody turns them in to Mrs. Judy. And she makes sure that everything gets entered into QuickBooks and everybody gets paid on time. So that’s a huge bonus and everybody likes her because of that too. Right! (laughs) It’s very important to me, when I am fooling with someone else’s money that everything is exactly right. Yes and Judy does a wonderful job and we don’t have any complaints on that and my employees stay happy too.

What is your favorite part of the job Judy?

There is not a day that is the same. When you walk in that door, you don’t know exactly what’s going to happen that day. You might have three jobs to come in, like today. Which is very good Brandon. The crew here just really wants to help everybody. And that’s what this job is all about. To help the community when they have something horrible to happen to their family or their businesses or anything like that. But the staff here all works together. Everybody knows what their jobs are and what their responsibilities are. We are like a family. We are a small tight-knit group and Brandon makes it very easy to work here. I am in a Bible study on Monday mornings and I am fortunate enough to be able to go to that and then work later on in the day.

Judy what do you do in your free time?

Oh I have so many interests. Like I said earlier, I’m in a Bible study and there are 14 or 15 ladies in there. We talk and we share our troubles, our praise reports, all the things like that. That’s a wonderful thing to be involved in. I’m also involved in a ladies group that meets for coffee and we go around, we look at Christmas lights and we do something several times a year together. One of the girls in this group gave us all onesie pajamas to wear. And I wore mine on Halloween when I went trick-or-treating with my two great-grandchildren. Keira is seven and Jackson is three. And Keira said to me about my pajamas “Nana, sometimes I just don’t know what to think of you”. So that’s good, that’s good! (laughs) The pictures of that were absolutely awesome. Judy likes to have a good time. She fits in perfectly here with us. The fact that Keira said she doesn’t know what to think of you, means you’re definitely part of the SBR crew here. It’s true, this is true. (laughs)


Well we love Mrs. Judy, everybody here does, and we like to have a good time. She keeps our office in check and makes sure we are doing the things we need to, and keeps us all in line. I appreciate you taking the time, Judy, to speak with us and speak with our viewers today and give us a glimpse into another personal employee spotlight.

That’s all we got for you today. I appreciate you checking out our video with Southern Bio-Recovery. As always, if you need anything don’t hesitate to give us a call. 404-952-3228. Thanks.