Employee Spotlight – Katherine Miller

We want to introduce you to our Marketing Director, Katherine Miller. She is going to tell us how she got started with Southern Bio-Recovery.

So how did you get started with Southern Bio-Recovery, Inc.?

I found an article about the company hiring for a technician. Thanks to the CSI shows, I knew exactly what that was and I thought it would be very interesting to do. So I interviewed with Brandon Ridley, the owner. It went really well, and I was offered a position as a technician.  And I absolutely loved it. I was really surprised how much I loved it actually.

We opened up a new office in Charlotte, NC in February of 2017. Brandon asked me to do a little marketing for the new office. I just sort of fell into it and he asked me to start marketing for the whole company. Which I was very happy to do, and I couldn’t have done without being a technician first. Unless you know the ins and outs of the business there is no way you could market for this. I think the reason I enjoy marketing for this company is because it’s not like any other company. There is no other marketing tactic like it. We end up going to see coroners, funeral directors, police officers and the sheriff’s offices. Basically all the people who are going to come across the victims and the victims’ families. These people can suggest our company and let the families know that there is someone that takes care of this, and they do it professionally. That’s part of why I love this company. We are helping people and everybody here is kind of goofy and that fits my personality perfectly.

What did you do before you came to work for us?

I have done a plethora of things. I’ve worked for Pinkerton Investigations writing reports and doing investigations. I’ve worked with an IT company. I’ve done a lot of little things. I think having all of those experiences really helped me with this company. Because I know how to talk to everything from an IT guy, and they do have their own special language, to a family who is in need. So it does help to have that broad range of ability to talk to all kinds of people.

Katherine you do something else on the side as well, and that is part of your background. It’s part of what you love and your passion. Tell us about that too.

Actually we do racecars. My husband and I have always loved cars and we started in SCCA and then we found a company called ChumpCar. It is the racecar series that is actually affordable. How it works is, you build a car and you race it around real race tracks. I do about twelve or thirteen races a year. And I go everywhere from Virginia to New York to Florida. All along the east coast. We actually have tracks all over the United States. But I’m the registrar for the east coast. So I go to all the east coast races, meet with all the guys, get them registered for the race, and watch the race. It’s a lot fun.

Have you ever had anybody run over?

No! No, we’ve been really lucky so far.

So the two worlds have not collided?

No, thank goodness no. I don’t want them to collide. So we’re good. Just car damage only, no people damage.

That is all for our employee spotlight on Katherine. As always, I appreciate you checking us out. Be safe, be kind. Southern-Bio Recovery 404-952-3228.