Introduction to Southern Bio-Recovery

Hey there. This is Brandon Ridley the owner and operator of Southern Bio-Recovery. I’ve been asked by a couple of people to put together some YouTube videos to post on Facebook to discuss what Southern Bio-Recovery does. I think this is a great idea except for when it comes to implementing it and me actually having to do it. People seem to like videos and they like to get information and some insight on the company, what we do, and what the culture is. So I am going to try my best. I’ve got Katherine Miller, my Public Relations Director, and she is going to be holding me accountable to this. She will also be the one posting it.

But today I’m really just going to introduce myself and let you know a little bit about the company and what you can expect. I started the company in 2009. I saw the need for this type of service in the Atlanta area. ‘This type of service’ being Crime and Trauma Scene Remediation. There’s a lot of different names for it. Some people call it Bio-Recovery. It’s called CTSD (Crime and Trauma Scene Decontamination), Crime Scene Cleanup, and Bio-Hazard Remediation just to name a few. We go out and we clean up after traumas have occurred whether that be a homicide, suicide, or delayed discovery. A delayed discovery is when somebody dies, unfortunately, and is undiscovered from anywhere from three days, to three weeks, to three months. We go out and provide the bio-hazard remediation. We clean these scenes and we do it in a safe and legal manner while protecting our employees.

Additionally we do a good bit of hording work, gross filth clean up, and some disease control and disinfection. This is going to be where our future and our target markets are. This is also where we are going to put a lot of our marketing strategy into. There is really a lot of need for it in public arenas. Whether that is health care, daycares, or sports venues. It’s going to become more and more present as the public is aware of disease control and the potential to go out and pick up some of these and diseases, germs and bacteria. We want to go out and remediate those.

Personally I have multiple levels of certification that allow myself to complete this work and train employees to be able to complete this work as well. I got certified in 2009 in my Crime and Trauma Scene Remediation. I also currently hold an Advanced Environmental Disinfection Certification, a Clandestine Meth-lab Drug Residue Cleanup. As well as a Lead Safe, HAZWOPER (Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response) and a couple of others.

Mostly we deal with the crime and trauma scenes. But we do not stray away from jobs requiring us to disinfect and control disease. We are seeing a lot more of infections, like C-DIFF and MRSA, and we want to pursue those actively as well.

So what I’m going to try to do is come out every week and talk about something that’s going on, either in our company or within the industry. That way I can let you know where we are. Also have you get to know a little about myself, my team, and what we are up to. I want you to get a feel of our company culture. I kind of act a little silly around here. We like to keep it light. We have a tough job to do sometimes. If you don’t keep it light, if you don’t keep it silly, you’re going to go crazy.

So I will try to get you some exposure in to how we operate and how we handle these tough scenes. And I also want to bring you some employee spotlights. Let you know what my guys do and how they operate within our company. And let you know a little bit about them, their background, where they are going, where they see themselves with the company, and what they do for fun.

I think that is probably going to wrap it up for today. I appreciate you joining in and checking us out. Give us some suggestions if you want to, and try to be kind.

Thanks! Southern Bio-Recovery 404-952-3228.