Marketing Successes and Failures

Hey there, this is Brandon Ridley with Southern Bio-Recovery. Coming to you with part five of our video series and blog.

Today I want to talk about some of our marketing successes and failures. And coincidentally enough, we are in the middle of our biggest campaign of the year. The biggest campaign that we do is our Halloween campaign. We put together some plastic pumpkins and we fill them with candy. We put in some Halloween related fun things like skulls, roaches, little fingers, and that kind of stuff. We have a good time with it, and it seems that our clients have a great time with it too. It has gotten to where people expect it, and we get messages asking “Why aren’t you coming by?” or “When are you coming by?” We are glad that our role is to go out and meet with our contacts in law-enforcement, multi-family residential, and those places. We make sure that we’re in front of them so that they can remember us when they have an incident that requires a decontamination or a cleanup.

Over the years we have tried multiple different ways to market. I have a marketing degree from Georgia, but that doesn’t always equate to successes in the field. We have tried different things. Some things work really, really well; and other things just not so much. It’s a trial and error kind of thing. Over the years we have found out that the Halloween campaign is really one of the best. And here we are in the month of October and approaching Halloween. We typically put together anywhere from about 25 to 35 different little buckets filled with candy and marketing brochures. We go out, meet with law-enforcement, hand them out, talk to them, and let them know about our services. A lot of times these are connections and contacts that we already have. So we do this in an effort to maintain these relationships. Again, when they come across something, we want to be first on their mind when they are talking to a family. Over the years we have definitely tried the whole gambit. We’ve done everything from your typical “taking donuts out”, which works and we still do that. We’ve done a canned-food-drive. We have dressed up for different events and so forth. We are actually supposed to dress up tomorrow when we are going out for Halloween. We’ve got really cool costumes, and I may actually put a picture on this video and blend it in there too. What else have we done? Christmas is a big time for us to go out. We go out at Easter. We got out at St. Patty’s Day. One year I dressed up as a Leprechaun with a big ol’ beard. We have done The Little Five Points Halloween Parade. We do a lot of conferences and that kind of stuff.

But today I’m just really talking about what we do as far as cold-calling or going door-to-door to see our contacts. I guess probably one of the toughest ones that we did was the food drive. It’s a great cause, and we ended up giving an iPad away. We did this probably within the first couple of years that we started the business. It went pretty well. I think we gathered over 700 or 800 pounds of food that we were able to donate to the Atlanta Food Bank. But it just didn’t generate as much interest as we had hoped. We’ve also done an open house here at the office where we had a bar-b-que and invited police to come down. It was a good time. We got together and grilled out burgers. However, we didn’t have quite the turnout that we expected. There is a lot of prep work behind a lot of the marketing things that we do. So if it’s not overly successful then we may not repeat it. We would then try to look towards doing something else. Another one of the things that we do is we go out and we support The Lymphoma Association. We do a 5K walk and that’s been pretty good. We are able to get our employees together and raise money for a good cause. We go out and walk as a team and we get to bond. We invite all the families out and we raise money for a great cause.

Just thought I would give you a little bit of insight into what we do as far as marketing. I hope you got something from that. Maybe you can turn around and use it in whatever business that you’re in.

Of course if you need something decontaminated; or you need us to come out and take care of a problem that you have in your house, a hoarding situation, crime or trauma; please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Again this is Brandon Ridley with Southern-Bio Recovery. Give us a call 404-952-3228. Thanks.