Public Announcement: Charitable Donations

I have a certified public announcement to make to you, it involves charities. At Southern Bio-Recovery we love giving back to the community. Every year we donate thousands of dollars to charities in need. This is our way to give back to those charities and help law enforcement recognize them for what they do.

We spend a lot of time marketing, I always talk about that. You have already met Katherine Miller our Director of Public Relations. We go out and network with law enforcement individuals and coroners in the hopes that when they come across a family in need, that has had a tragedy or trauma, they will hand out our card. When we get the call, we go out and take care of that family, and make the situation like it physically never occurred.

We are going to go ahead and reward all of those coroners and law enforcement individuals where we are getting a confirmation that a referral has occurred. We are going to donate $100 to whatever charity that person in that department would like us to, as long as we keep it non-political. We can do it to ASPCA or the Humane Society or Wounded Warriors, wherever you guys would like. We are going to go ahead and do that through the end of the year. We will probably extend it, but we are going to do that for now.

I’m Brandon Ridley with Southern Bio-Recovery and I just wanted to bring you this certified public service announcement.

Thanks for checking us out. Southern-Bio Recovery 404-952-3228.