What is Hoarding

This is our second video in the series. Last week we did our introduction into the business and what we do. One of the things I forgot to mention is our office locations. We operate our main office in Marietta, Georgia. We have a satellite office in Augusta, Georgia. And we have a full service office in Charlotte, North Carolina.

So each week we are going to bring in a different topic. Today I want to talk about hoarding. This is something that we do from time to time. It seems like right now we have been doing a lot of it. I think we have done somewhere around five or six in the last month. And we have another one set up for next week. People want to know why you would hire a company like Southern Bio-Recovery to do hoarding. Isn’t it just junk removal? The simplest answer is, most of the time, no.

Most people think of hoarding as brand new items. Where people go and buy clothes and things on QVC. They go out and get a bunch of electronics or they buy a bunch of food. But hoarding can take shape in a bunch of different scenarios. Sometimes it’s called gross filth. That is where somebody just hoards a lot of trash, and they won’t let that go. They hoard beer bottles, beer cans, pizza boxes, to where they don’t get rid of anything. And often times it escalates to fecal matter from humans and pets. This obviously starts creating a bio-hazard. Even when it’s just a lot of stuff that’s been piled up on top of one another there can often lead to bio-hazards. That can come in to play when there are boxes and boxes of stuff and it allows for rodents to get in, and they start leaving fecal material in those areas. So it’s important for someone in need of these services to hire a company, like ours, because the average person really doesn’t understand what’s involved.

The second is the man power. Hoarding doesn’t occur over night. A lot of times these people hoard for years upon years. So this slowly accumulates. We can put a team together that can come in, meet with the customer, and give an estimate on site if possible. We put together an individualized plan in order to take care of this. If we are unable go out to the site, we are going to work with our customers and see if we can do a facetime, or skype, or we can do it based upon pictures. We’ve had really good success with doing this. We get a pretty good grasp of what we are dealing with so we can estimate and put together a bid to accomplish the goals of our clients. Sometimes our clients are looking simply to get rid of all of the materials and what they have hoarded. Or sometimes they are looking to get rid of all of that and do a deep cleaning. So whatever the goal the customer has in mind, we can accomplish that.

We will put together a team based on how much stuff is in the home, how large the home is, and what those goals are to accomplish. This is a difficult thing for people to deal with. They don’t want to let go of some of their things. So when we come in we can tell them how we are going to do it, we outline our hours, and our goals to accomplish. And quite honestly it can be really a daunting task and it can be too much to handle for one person, or even a couple of people, who have never done this type of work in the past.

This pretty much sums up a lot of the stuff that we have to do with hoarding and gross filth. It is estimated that there are over a million hoarders in the U.S. So I think we are going to continue to see this grow and it’s not going to be something that goes away. We are going to continue to offer this for our customers in all of our offices.

If you need for us to come out and provide you with a quote, or you have some questions for a family member, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We prioritize hoarding as non-emergency, so we prefer to get those calls during business hours or even during the day on a weekend.        We are available 24/7 if it’s an emergency due to a crime or trauma.

Don’t hesitate to give us a call and check out our website at www.southernbiorecovery.com.

Thanks for joining in and checking out our video today. Southern-Bio Recovery 404-952-3228.