Why can’t I clean this up myself?

Hey there viewers, this is Brandon Ridley with Southern Bio-Recovery. It’s the second of February on Groundhog Day, and unfortunately the groundhogs all around saw their shadows so it looks like a little bit more winter. This is our first video of the year. We’ve been kind of busy wrapping up the end of last year and starting things off. So I apologize that we haven’t had anything out sooner. But we’re back and we will try to keep these coming and give you some valuable information.

Today we are going to talk about something that I commonly get asked, “Why can’t I clean this up myself.” And that’s coming from a homeowner or family member. There’s a lot of reasons for it.

We are going to go into the first part of it, is the emotional. When families suffer a loss, whether it be from a suicide, a homicide, or a delayed discovery, these are often unexpected times when they occur and nobody expects for this to happen. And it is a tragic loss to the family. So there is a lot going on emotionally. A family may go in and think that they’re strong enough to be able to handle a simple suicide cleanup, where it’s a little bit of blood on a bed or on a carpet. They go in and realize that this is the last time that they saw their loved one that they were on that bed. They may have been the one that walked in and found them, so this may be replaying in their mind as they go in. If they weren’t the one to come in and find them, then that takes them back to that instance where they passed away and they saw them. So it’s not a good light for people to necessarily remember their loved ones there. They think they may be strong enough to do it but it’s a pretty traumatic event. There’s a lot of times that these suicides can get pretty ugly and can cause a lot of wide spread contamination. In that case they are really, really traumatic for the family to see and we hope that nobody has to endure that.

Those things are what I run into when I am out talking with people and telling them what I do. I talk to somebody probably once every six weeks or so that has cleaned up a suicide themselves. The reason being is because our industry is probably only about 20 or 25 years old. And still today a lot of people clean it up themselves. Before the industry existed, before we were around, there wasn’t a lot in the way of cleaning this up besides the families doing it. So when I talk to these people they can recount the details of cleaning up their loved one. For instance if it was in a bathroom, they are on their hands and knees and they’re scrubbing that blood, and that’s ingrained in their mind forever. So we don’t want somebody to have to suffer that. We don’t want somebody to think about their loved ones and to think about the last time that they were cleaning up and scrubbing up bodily fluids related to their untimely death. So we offer these services so they don’t have to do that. To take one thing off of their plates. We understand that families are going through a lot when this occurs, again most of this is unexpected. So a family is trying to figure out and look for life insurance, they are trying to plan a funeral, they are trying to notify the next of kin all across the country sometimes, and get all of this stuff together. In instances they are looking at a loss of income. Maybe they own a business and they are going to try and determine how they are going to keep this business going. The family has a ton of things on their plate and if we can come in and we can remove one of these, a big physical reminder of what occurred, then we’ve done our job. So that’s part of it.

The second part of it is the actual act of cleaning, the physical part of it. Going beyond OSHA regulations. OSHA dictates that you have to meet certain qualifications in order to do this. And one of those is you have to have access to PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). The second one is that you are going to need to have a hepatitis vaccine, or been offered a hepatitis vaccine for hepatitis B. Those are things that we do. There are several more OSHA regulations that we have to adhere to as a company. Families don’t have to do this, but it prepares us for this.

Additionally, we have experience in this. We’ve been doing this for almost ten years now. We have come into a lot different scenarios and we can get the best results for our clients and the families at the time that this occurred. It may look like it’s a very, very simple clean up and it’s a spot of blood on a carpet this big (small spot). Well what they don’t know is that it seeps into that carpet and then it goes onto the pad and it’s going to be this big (much bigger spot). And then it may go into the sub-floor. So once you start peeling that back you’re going to start finding more and more contamination and saturation. This holds true for different scenarios whether it’s in a kitchen, it’s in a bathroom, whether this is in hotels or commercial spaces. There’s a lot more than what appears to the naked eye. Additionally, we’ve got the tools and we have practiced this and practiced this, and done this over and over. So we’ve got things, we’ve got the chemicals, we’ve got an arsenal that we are ready to deploy to meet any kind of circumstances that we run across. We are going to be able to follow that blood to the lowest point of saturation and remove it all and then apply a disinfectant when we get done. We disinfect the entire area and the entire property if necessary.

This is just a couple of the different reasons that we feel that somebody shouldn’t do it on their own. Again, I don’t want somebody to come back to me in a year and say “You know I wish I had listened because I still think about that.” “I wish I would have known you guys were around because we are still having odor issues.” We’ve done so many different cleanups behind other companies that don’t have the resources, don’t have the background in this. Also, we just want to be able to help. That’s what we’re here for. We’re here to help the community we feel like we are a part of it.

We try to never let finances stand in the way of being able to do a cleanup. Obviously we can’t do everything for free. We are a for-profit business and we have to charge for our services in order to stay in business and in order to keep the doors open. If you call us and there is a financial need, then we are going to work with you. We are going to figure out a way that we can get this taken care of. And that your family doesn’t have to suffer and they don’t have to wait for this to get cleaned up. So we can help you out.

That’s all I got for you. If you guys have any questions in regards to this video please don’t hesitate to send those over via email or give me a call. Our number is 404-952-3228. Thanks.