Environmental Disinfection and Disease Control

Infectious germs – bacteria, viruses, and fungi – are carried by pathogens found in body fluids such as saliva, mucus, vomit, sweat, blood, urine, and feces. They are transmitted to common surfaces in many ways, including sneezing, coughing, cuts, vomiting, and unwashed hands, then passed along to others who touch them. Exposure to these harmful pathogens can cause serious infection or illness, including:

These infectious germs congregate in places where people constantly come and go. Spaces such as classrooms, waiting rooms, health care facilities, and gyms are particularly vulnerable to cross-contamination from a wide variety of sources.

If your home or work environment is susceptible to contamination by harmful pathogens, Southern Bio Recovery can help.

Combining advanced technology with defined protocols, we follow a proven process to rid surfaces of viral, bacterial, and fungal pathogens.

  • We use Kaivac No-Touch® Cleaning equipment to thoroughly clean surfaces. The No-Touch system uses a low-pressure sprayer and vacuum to flush out and remove dirt and organic matter, eliminating bacteria without the threat of cross-contamination. This innovative cleaning method is significantly more effective than traditional methods, with higher efficacy at a lower cost.
  • We use ByoPlanet® Induction Charged Technology to safely and thoroughly disinfect all surfaces. The patented fogging sprayer electrolyzes the disinfecting solution as it is atomized, enabling the disinfectant to wrap around all sides of a surface. This electrostatic technology allows the solution to coat every surface and penetrate into hidden spaces, killing harmful pathogens without the risk of cross-contamination.
  • We take extra steps to decontaminate common transmission points. This includes wiping down the surfaces that are touched most often, such as door and cabinet handles, tables, and chairs.
  • We offer an additional post-cleaning ATP meter testing service. The ATP test is a process of rapidly measuring actively growing microorganisms through detection of adenosine triphosphate, or ATP. It uses lumens or lights to determine cleanliness and can be completed within minutes on site. There is no need to sample and send to a lab for culture with this technology.

Southern Bio-Recovery’s Environmental Disinfection and Disease Control service, now available in the Atlanta area, is especially beneficial to:

Private, Public, and Pre-schools – disinfecting common areas such as lunchrooms, classrooms, gymnasiums, locker rooms, restrooms, and auditoriums reduces the risk of recurring illness for students, teachers, administrators, and support staff

Hospitals – disinfecting emergency rooms, waiting rooms, bathrooms, cafeterias, patient rooms, and examination rooms decreases Hospital Acquired Infection (HAI) recidivism rates

Nursing Homes, Outpatient Facilities, Physician Offices, and Health Care Clinics – disinfecting common areas, examination rooms, waiting rooms, living areas, and treatment rooms reduces the risk of transmitting disease among health care providers, patients, residents, relatives, and visitors

Sports Facilities and Gyms – disinfecting weight rooms, locker rooms, and bathing areas reduces the risk of transmitting fungal infection among customers, trainers, players, and staff

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